West Milton, Ohio


Station Masonry was present and active in Union Township long before the first Masonic meeting was held in West Milton.


Union Township Masons were involved in community and civic affairs but lacked the formal bond of an identifiable lodge. This inconvenient and awkward condition was corrected on Thursday, July 23, 1896 when Eli Pearson as appointed Worshipful Master acting under dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Ohio, formed the first West Milton Lodge in the Lodge room of Stillwater Lodge 165 I.O.O.F.  


West Milton Lodge continued to meet and work actively under dispensation until it was duly constituted and dedicated on November 19, 1896.   At this first meeting officers were elected and appointed.  They were installed the same evening in an open installation with several ladies present to witness Brother Gainor Jennings (Worshipful Master Elect) and his officers assume their offices and stations. 


West Milton Lodge continued to work and grow as a Lodge but meetings were still held in the Lodge room of Stillwater 165, I.O.O.F.  This arrangementwas to continue for nearly four and a half years.


On July 6, 1899—- West Milton Lodge 577 F.&A.M. entered into an agreement with Frank Townsley Jr. and Harry Hale (who were erecting a new two story building) to add a third floor to be used as the first permanent Temple of West Milton Lodge 577 F.&A.M.    The Temple was completed and dedicated on December 14, 1899.  


 This Temple served as home for the Masons and affiliated bodies until 1983, when a site at 102 North Washington Street in West Milton, that had been purchased by the Lodge in 1977 with the intention of remodeling the building into a more accessible and functional Temple, was activated.  


Ground breaking ceremonies were held on November 14, 1982, work began and continued for several months and the new Temple was occupied on April 21, 1983.   Meetings continued to be held under dispensation until the formal dedication ceremonies were held on September 11, 1983. 


On this date the cornerstone was also laid by The Grand Lodge of Ohio, completing a dream that reaffirms the Masonic lesson

That time, Patience and Perseverance accomplish all things.

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